Port Application Status
1/TCP,UDP TCP Port Service Multiplexer Official
2/TCP,UDP Management Utility Official
3/TCP,UDP Compression Process Official
5/TCP,UDP Remote Job Entry Official
7/TCP,UDP Echo Official
9/TCP,UDP Discard Official
11/TCP,UDP Active Users Official
13/TCP,UDP DAYTIME - (RFC 867) Official
17/TCP,UDP Quote of the Day Official
18/TCP,UDP Message Send Protocol Official
19/TCP,UDP Character Generator Official
20/TCP FTP - data Official
21/TCP FTP—control (command) Official
22/TCP,UDP Secure Shell (SSH)—used for secure logins, file transfers (scp, sftp) and port forwarding Official
23/TCP Telnet protocol—unencrypted text communications Official
25/TCP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)—used for e-mail routing between mail servers Official
35/TCP,UDP Any private printer server protocol Official
35/TCP,UDP QMS Magicolor 2 printer server protocol Unofficial
37/TCP,UDP TIME protocol Official
39/TCP,UDP Resource Location Protocol[3] (RLP)—used for determining the location of higher level services from hosts on a network Official
41/TCP,UDP Graphics Official
42/TCP,UDP nameserver, ARPA Host Name Server Protocol Official
42/TCP,UDP WINS Unofficial
43/TCP WHOIS protocol Official
49/TCP,UDP TACACS Login Host protocol Official
52/TCP,UDP XNS (Xerox Network Services) Time Protocol Official
53/TCP,UDP Domain Name System (DNS) Official
54/TCP,UDP XNS (Xerox Network Services) Clearinghouse Official
56/TCP,UDP XNS (Xerox Network Services) Authentication Official
56/TCP,UDP RAP (Route Access Protocol)[4] Unofficial
57/TCP MTP, Mail Transfer Protocol Unofficial
58/TCP,UDP XNS (Xerox Network Services) Mail Official
67/UDP Bootstrap Protocol (BOOTP) Server; also used by Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Official
68/UDP Bootstrap Protocol (BOOTP) Client; also used by Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Official
69/UDP Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) Official
70/TCP Gopher protocol Official
79/TCP Finger protocol Official
80/TCP Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) Official
81/TCP TorparkOnion routing Unofficial
82/UDP Torpark—Control Unofficial
83/TCP MIT ML Device Official
88/TCP Kerberos—authentication system Official
90/TCP,UDP dnsix (DoD Network Security for Information Exchange) Securit Attribute Token Map Official
90/TCP,UDP Pointcast Unofficial
101/TCP NIC host name Official
102/TCP ISO-TSAP (Transport Service Access Point) Class 0 protocol[5] Official
104/TCP,UDP ACR/NEMA Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine Official
107/TCP Remote TELNET Service[6] protocol Official
109/TCP Post Office Protocol 2 (POP2) Official
110/TCP Post Office Protocol 3 (POP3) Official
111/TCP,UDP Sun Remote Procedure Call Official
113/UDP ident—old user identification system, still used by IRC servers to identify users Official
113/TCP,UDP Authentication Service (auth) Official
115/TCP Simple File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) Official
117/TCP UUCP Path Service Official
118/TCP,UDP SQL (Structured Query Language) Services Official
119/TCP Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP)—used for retrieving newsgroup messages Official
123/UDP Network Time Protocol (NTP)—used for time synchronization Official
135/TCP,UDP DCE endpoint resolution Official
135/TCP,UDP Microsoft EPMAP (End Point Mapper), also known as DCE/RPC Locator service[7], used to remotely manage services including DHCP server, DNS server and WINS Unofficial
137/TCP,UDP NetBIOS NetBIOS Name Service Official
138/TCP,UDP NetBIOS NetBIOS Datagram Service Official
139/TCP,UDP NetBIOS NetBIOS Session Service Official
143/TCP,UDP Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP)—used for retrieving, organizing, and synchronizing e-mail messages Official
152/TCP,UDP Background File Transfer Program (BFTP)[8] Official
153/TCP,UDP SGMP, Simple Gateway Monitoring Protocol Official
156/TCP,UDP SQL Service Official
158/TCP,UDP DMSP, Distributed Mail Service Protocol Unofficial
161/TCP,UDP Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Official
162/TCP,UDP Simple Network Management Protocol Trap (SNMPTRAP)[9] Official
170/TCP Print-srv, Network PostScript Official
177/TCP,UDP X Display Manager Control Protocol (XDMCP) Official
179/TCP BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) Official
194/UDP IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Official
201/TCP,UDP AppleTalk Routing Maintenance Official
209/TCP,UDP The Quick Mail Transfer Protocol Official
213/TCP,UDP IPX Official
218/TCP,UDP MPP, Message Posting Protocol Official
220/TCP,UDP IMAP, Interactive Mail Access Protocol, version 3 Official
259/TCP,UDP ESRO, Efficient Short Remote Operations Official
264/TCP,UDP BGMP, Border Gateway Multicast Protocol Official
311/TCP Mac OS X Server Admin (officially AppleShare IP Web admistration) Official
308/TCP Novastor Online Backup Official
318/TCP,UDP PKIX TSP, Time Stamp Protocol Official
323/TCP,UDP IMMP, Internet Message Mapping Protocol Unofficial
350/TCP,UDP MATIP-Type A, Mapping of Airline Traffic over Internet Protocol Official
351/TCP,UDP MATIP-Type B, Mapping of Airline Traffic over Internet Protocol Official
366/TCP,UDP ODMR, On-Demand Mail Relay Official
369/TCP,UDP Rpc2portmap Official
371/TCP,UDP ClearCase albd Official
383/TCP,UDP HP data alarm manager Official
384/TCP,UDP A Remote Network Server System Official
387/TCP,UDP AURP, AppleTalk Update-based Routing Protocol Official
389/TCP,UDP Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Official
401/TCP,UDP UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply Official
402/TCP Altiris, Altiris Deployment Client Unofficial
411/TCP Direct Connect Hub Unofficial
412/TCP Direct Connect Client-to-Client Unofficial
427/TCP,UDP Service Location Protocol (SLP) Official
443/TCP,UDP Hypertext Transfer Protocol over TLS/SSL (HTTPS) Official
444/TCP,UDP SNPP, Simple Network Paging Protocol (RFC 1568) Official
445/TCP Microsoft-DS Active Directory, Windows shares Official
445/UDP Microsoft-DS SMB file sharing Official
464/TCP,UDP Kerberos Change/Set password Official
465/TCP Cisco protocol Unofficial
465/TCP SMTP over SSL Unofficial
475/TCP tcpnethaspsrv (Hasp services, TCP/IP version) Official
497/TCP Dantz Retrospect Official
500/UDP Internet Security Association and Key Management Protocol (ISAKMP) Official
502/TCP,UDP Modbus, Protocol Unofficial
504/TCP,UDP Citadel - multiservice protocol for dedicated clients for the Citadel groupware system Official
510/TCP First Class Protocol Unofficial
512/TCP Rexec, Remote Process Execution Official
512/UDP comsat, together with biff Official
513/TCP Login Official
513/UDP Who Official
514/TCP Shell—used to execute non-interactive commands on a remote system Official
514/UDP Syslog—used for system logging Official
515/TCP Line Printer Daemon—print service Official
517/UDP Talk Official
518/UDP NTalk Official
520/TCP efs, extended file name server Official
520/UDP Routing—RIP Official
524/TCP,UDP NCP (NetWare Core Protocol) is used for a variety things such as access to primary NetWare server resources, Time Synchronization, etc. Official
525/UDP Timed, Timeserver Official
530/TCP,UDP RPC Official
531/TCP,UDP AOL Instant Messenger, IRC Unofficial
532/TCP netnews Official
533/UDP netwall, For Emergency Broadcasts Official
540/TCP UUCP (Unix-to-Unix Copy Protocol) Official
542/TCP,UDP commerce (Commerce Applications) Official
543/TCP klogin, Kerberos login Official
544/TCP kshell, Kerberos Remote shell Official
546/TCP,UDP DHCPv6 client Official
547/TCP,UDP DHCPv6 server Official
548/TCP Apple Filing Protocol (AFP) over TCP Official
550/UDP new-rwho, new-who Official
554/TCP,UDP Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) Official
556/TCP Remotefs, RFS, rfs_server Official
560/UDP rmonitor, Remote Monitor Official
561/UDP monitor Official
563/TCP,UDP NNTP protocol over TLS/SSL (NNTPS) Official
587/TCP e-mail message submission[10] (SMTP) Official
591/TCP FileMaker 6.0 (and later) Web Sharing (HTTP Alternate, also see port 80) Official
593/TCP,UDP HTTP RPC Ep Map, Remote procedure call over Hypertext Transfer Protocol, often used by Distributed Component Object Model services and Microsoft Exchange Server Official
604/TCP TUNNEL profile[11], a protocol for BEEP peers to form an application layer tunnel Official
623/UDP ASF Remote Management and Control Protocol</ref> (ASF-RMCP) Official
631/TCP,UDP Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) Official
636/TCP,UDP Lightweight Directory Access Protocol over TLS/SSL (LDAPS) Official
639/TCP,UDP MSDP, Multicast Source Discovery Protocol Official
646/TCP,UDP LDP, Label Distribution Protocol, a routing protocol used in MPLS networks Official
647/TCP DHCP Failover protocol[12] Official
648/TCP RRP (Registry Registrar Protocol)[13] Official
652/TCP DTCP, Dynamic Tunnel Configuration Protocol Unofficial
654/TCP AODV (Ad-hoc On-demand Distance Vector) Official
655/TCP IEEE MMS (IEEE Media Management System)[14][15] Official
657/TCP,UDP IBM RMC (Remote monitoring and Control) protocol, used by System p5 AIX Integrated Virtualization Manager (IVM)[16] and Hardware Management Console to connect managed logical partitions (LPAR) to enable dynamic partition reconfiguration Official
660/TCP Mac OS X Server administration Official
665/TCP sun-dr, Remote Dynamic Reconfiguration Unofficial
666/UDP Doom, first online first-person shooter Official
674/TCP ACAP (Application Configuration Access Protocol) Official
691/TCP MS Exchange Routing Official
692/TCP Hyperwave-ISP Official
694/UDP Linux-HA High availability Heartbeat Unofficial
695/TCP IEEE-MMS-SSL (IEEE Media Management System over SSL)[17] Official
698/UDP OLSR (Optimized Link State Routing) Official
699/TCP Access Network Official
700/TCP EPP (Extensible Provisioning Protocol), a protocol for communication between domain name registries and registrars (RFC 4934) Official
701/TCP LMP (Link Management Protocol (Internet))[18], a protocol that runs between a pair of nodes and is used to manage traffic engineering (TE) links Official
702/TCP IRIS[19][20] (Internet Registry Information Service) over BEEP (Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol)[21] (RFC 3983) Official
706/TCP SILC, Secure Internet Live Conferencing Official
711/TCP Cisco TDP, Tag Distribution Protocol[22][23][24]—being replaced by the MPLS Label Distribution Protocol[25] Official
712/TCP TBRPF, Topology Broadcast based on Reverse-Path Forwarding routing protocol (RFC 3684) Official
712/UDP Promise RAID Controller Unofficial
720/TCP SMQP, Simple Message Queue Protocol Unofficial
749/TCP,UDP Kerberos administration Official
750/TCP rfile Official
750/UDP loadav Official
750/UDP kerberos-iv, Kerberos version IV Official
751/TCP,UDP pump Official
751/TCP,UDP kerberos_master, Kerberos authentication Unofficial
752/TCP qrh Official
752/UDP qrh Official
752/UDP userreg_server, Kerberos Password (kpasswd) server Unofficial
753/TCP Reverse Routing Header (rrh)[26] Official
753/UDP Reverse Routing Header (rrh) Official
753/UDP passwd_server, Kerberos userreg server Unofficial
754/TCP tell send Official
754/TCP krb5_prop, Kerberos v5 slave propagation Unofficial
754/UDP tell send Official
760/TCP,UDP ns Official
760/TCP,UDP krbupdate [kreg], Kerberos registration Unofficial
782/TCP Conserver serial-console management server Unofficial
783/TCP SpamAssassin spamd daemon Unofficial
829/TCP CMP (Certificate Management Protocol) Unofficial
843/TCP Adobe Flash socket policy server Unofficial
860/TCP iSCSI (RFC 3720) Official
873/TCP rsync file synchronisation protocol Official
888/TCP cddbp, CD DataBase (CDDB) protocol (CDDBP)—unassigned but widespread use Unofficial
901/TCP Samba Web Administration Tool (SWAT) Unofficial
901/TCP, UDP VMware Virtual Infrastructure Client (UDP from server being managed to management console) Unofficial
902/TCP VMware Server Console (TCP from management console to server being Managed) Unofficial
904/TCP VMware Server Alternate (if 902 is in use, i.e. SUSE linux) Unofficial
911/TCP Network Console on Acid (NCA)—local tty redirection over OpenSSH Unofficial
953/TCP,UDP Domain Name System (DNS) RDNC Service Official
981/TCP SofaWare Technologies Remote HTTPS management for firewall devices running embedded Check Point FireWall-1 software Unofficial
989/TCP,UDP FTPS Protocol (data): FTP over TLS/SSL Official
990/TCP,UDP FTPS Protocol (control): FTP over TLS/SSL Official
991/TCP,UDP NAS (Netnews Administration System) Official
992/TCP,UDP TELNET protocol over TLS/SSL Official
993/TCP Internet Message Access Protocol over SSL (IMAPS) Official
995/TCP Post Office Protocol 3 over TLS/SSL (POP3S) Official
999/TCP ScimoreDB Database System Unofficial
1023/TCP,UDP Reserved[1] Official

Port Description Status
1024/TCP,UDP Reserved[1] Official
1025/TCP NFS-or-IIS Unofficial
1026/TCP Often utilized by Microsoft DCOM services Unofficial
1029/TCP Often utilized by Microsoft DCOM services Unofficial
1058/TCP,UDP nim, IBM AIX Network Installation Manager (NIM) Official
1059/TCP,UDP nimreg, IBM AIX Network Installation Manager (NIM) Official
1080/TCP SOCKS proxy Official
1085/TCP,UDP WebObjects Official
1098/TCP,UDP rmiactivation, RMI Activation Official
1099/TCP,UDP rmiregistry, RMI Registry Official
1109/TCP,UDP Reserved[1] Official
1109/TCP Kerberos Post Office Protocol (KPOP) Unofficial
1111/UDP EasyBits School network discovery protocol (for Intel's CMPC platform) Unofficial
1140/TCP,UDP AutoNOC protocol Official
1167/UDP phone, conference calling Unofficial
1169/TCP,UDP Tripwire Official
1176/TCP Perceptive Automation Indigo Home automation server Official
1182/TCP,UDP AcceleNet Intelligent Transfer Protocol Official
1194/TCP,UDP OpenVPN Official
1198/TCP,UDP The cajo project Free dynamic transparent distributed computing in Java Official
1200/TCP scol, protocol used by SCOL 3D virtual worlds server to answer world name resolution client request[27] Official
1200/UDP scol, protocol used by SCOL 3D virtual worlds server to answer world name resolution client request Official
1200/UDP Steam Friends Applet Unofficial
1214/TCP Kazaa Official
1220/TCP QuickTime Streaming Server administration Official
1223/TCP,UDP TGP, TrulyGlobal Protocol, also known as "The Gur Protocol" (named for Gur Kimchi of TrulyGlobal) Official
1234/UDP VLC media player Default port for UDP/RTP stream Unofficial
1236/TCP Symantec BindView Control UNIX Default port for TCP management server connections Unofficial
1241/TCP,UDP Nessus Security Scanner Official
1248/TCP NSClient/NSClient++/NC_Net (Nagios) Unofficial
1270/TCP,UDP Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) (formerly Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM)) agent Official
1293/TCP,UDP IPSec (Internet Protocol Security) Official
1311/TCP Dell Open Manage HTTPS Unofficial
1313/TCP Xbiim (Canvii server) Unofficial
1337/TCP PowerFolder P2P Encrypted File Synchronization Program Unofficial
1337/TCP WASTE Encrypted File Sharing Program Unofficial
1352/TCP IBM Lotus Notes/Domino Remote Procedure Call (RPC) protocol Official
1387/TCP,UDP cadsi-lm, LMS International (formerly Computer Aided Design Software, Inc. (CADSI)) LM Official
1414/TCP IBM WebSphere MQ (formerly known as MQSeries) Official
1417/TCP,UDP Timbuktu Service 1 Port Official
1418/TCP,UDP Timbuktu Service 2 Port Official
1419/TCP,UDP Timbuktu Service 3 Port Official
1420/TCP,UDP Timbuktu Service 4 Port Official
1431/TCP Reverse Gossip Transport Protocol (RGTP), used to access a General-purpose Reverse-Ordered Gossip Gathering System (GROGGS) bulletin board, such as that implemented on the Cambridge University's Phoenix system Official
1433/TCP Microsoft SQL Server database management system Server Official
1434/UDP Microsoft SQL Server database management system Monitor Official
1494/TCP Citrix XenApp Independent Computing Architecture (ICA) thin client protocol Official
1500/TCP NetGuard GuardianPro firewall (NT4-based) Remote Management Unofficial
1501/UDP NetGuard GuardianPro firewall (NT4-based) Authentication Client Unofficial
1503/TCP,UDP Windows Live Messenger (Whiteboard and Application Sharing) Unofficial
1512/TCP,UDP Microsoft Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) Official
1521/TCP nCube License Manager Official
1521/TCP Oracle database default listener, in future releases official port 2483 Unofficial
1524/TCP,UDP ingreslock, ingres Official
1526/TCP Oracle database common alternative for listener Unofficial
1533/TCP IBM Sametime IM—Virtual Places Chat Microsoft SQL Server Official
1547/TCP,UDP Laplink Official
1550 Gadu-Gadu (direct client-to-client) Unofficial
1581/UDP MIL STD 2045-47001 VMF Official
1589/UDP Cisco VQP (VLAN Query Protocol) / VMPS Unofficial
1645/TCP,UDP radius, RADIUS authentication protocol (default for Cisco and Juniper Networks RADIUS servers) Unofficial
1646/TCP,UDP radacct, RADIUS accounting protocol (default for Cisco and Juniper Networks RADIUS servers) Unofficial
1627 iSketch Unofficial
1677/TCP,UDP Novell GroupWise clients in client/server access mode Official
1701/UDP Layer 2 Forwarding Protocol (L2F) & Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) Official
1716/TCP America's Army Massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) Unofficial
1723/TCP,UDP Microsoft Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) Official
1725/UDP Valve Steam Client Unofficial
1755/TCP,UDP Microsoft Media Services (MMS, ms-streaming) Official
1761/TCP,UDP cft-0 Official
1761/TCP Novell Zenworks Remote Control utility Unofficial
1762–1768/TCP,UDP cft-1 to cft-7 Official
1812/TCP,UDP radius, RADIUS authentication protocol Official
1813/TCP,UDP radacct, RADIUS accounting protocol Official
1863/TCP MSNP (Microsoft Notification Protocol), used by the .NET Messenger Service and a number of Instant Messaging clients Official
1900/UDP Microsoft SSDP Enables discovery of UPnP devices Official
1920/TCP IBM Tivoli Monitoring Console (https) Unofficial
1935/TCP Adobe Systems Macromedia Flash Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) "plain" protocol Official
1970/TCP,UDP Danware NetOp Remote Control Official
1971/TCP,UDP Danware NetOp School Official
1972/TCP,UDP InterSystems Caché Official
1975–1977/UDP Cisco TCO (Documentation) Official
1984/TCP Big Brother—network monitoring tool Official
1985/UDP Cisco HSRP Official
1994/TCP,UDP Cisco STUN-SDLC (Serial Tunneling—Synchronous Data Link Control) protocol Official
1998/TCP,UDP Cisco X.25 over TCP (XOT) service Official
2000/TCP,UDP Cisco SCCP (Skinny) Official
2001/UDP CAPTAN Test Stand System Unofficial
2002/TCP Secure Access Control Server (ACS) for Windows Unofficial
2030 Oracle Services for Microsoft Transaction Server Unofficial
2031/TCP,UDP mobrien-chat—obsolete (ex-http://www.mobrien.com) Official
2041/TCP Mail.Ru Agent communication protocol Unofficial
2049/UDP Network File System Official
2049/UDP shilp Official
2053/UDP lot105-ds-upd Lot105 DSuper Updates Official
2053/TCP lot105-ds-upd Lot105 DSuper Updates Official
2053/TCP knetd Kerberos de-multiplexor Unofficial
2056/UDP Civilization 4 multiplayer Unofficial
2073/TCP,UDP DataReel Database Official
2074/TCP,UDP Vertel VMF SA (i.e. App.. SpeakFreely) Official
2082/TCP Infowave Mobility Server Official
2082/TCP CPanel default Unofficial
2083/TCP Secure Radius Service (radsec) Official
2083/TCP CPanel default SSL Unofficial
2086/TCP GNUnet Official
2086/TCP WebHost Manager default Unofficial
2087/TCP WebHost Manager default SSL Unofficial
2095/TCP CPanel default Web mail Unofficial
2096/TCP CPanel default SSL Web mail Unofficial
2102/TCP,UDP zephyr-srv Project Athena Zephyr Notification Service server Official
2103/TCP,UDP zephyr-clt Project Athena Zephyr Notification Service serv-hm connection Official
2104/TCP,UDP zephyr-hm Project Athena Zephyr Notification Service hostmanager Official
2105/TCP,UDP IBM MiniPay Official
2105/TCP,UDP eklogin Kerberos encrypted remote login (rlogin) Unofficial
2105/TCP,UDP zephyr-hm-srv Project Athena Zephyr Notification Service hm-serv connection (should use port 2102) Unofficial
2144/TCP Iron Mountain LiveVault Agent UnOfficial
2145/TCP Iron Mountain LiveVault Agent UnOfficial
2161/TCP APC Agent Official
2181/TCP,UDP EForward-document transport system Official
2190/UDP TiVoConnect Beacon Unofficial
2200/UDP Tuxanci game server[28] Unofficial
2219/TCP,UDP NetIQ NCAP Protocol Official
2220/TCP,UDP NetIQ End2End Official
2222/TCP DirectAdmin default Unofficial
2222/UDP Microsoft Office OS X antipiracy network monitor [1] Unofficial
2301/TCP HP System Management Redirect to port 2381 Unofficial
2302/UDP ArmA multiplayer (default for game) Unofficial
2302/UDP Halo: Combat Evolved multiplayer Unofficial
2303/UDP ArmA multiplayer (default for server reporting) (default port for game +1) Unofficial
2305/UDP ArmA multiplayer (default for VoN) (default port for game +3) Unofficial
2369/TCP Default for BMC Software CONTROL-M/Server—Configuration Agent, though often changed during installation Official
2370/TCP Default for BMC Software CONTROL-M/Server—to allow the CONTROL-M/Enterprise Manager to connect to the CONTROL-M/Server, though often changed during installation Official
2381/TCP HP Insight Manager default for Web server Unofficial
2401/TCP CVS version control system Unofficial
2404/TCP IEC 60870-5-104, used to send electric power telecontrol messages between two systems via directly connected data circuits Official
2420/UDP Westell Remote Access Official
2427/UDP Cisco MGCP Official
2447/TCP,UDP ovwdb—OpenView Network Node Manager (NNM) daemon Official
2483/TCP,UDP Oracle database listening for unsecure client connections to the listener, replaces port 1521 Official
2484/TCP,UDP Oracle database listening for SSL client connections to the listener Official
2546/TCP,UDP EVault—Data Protection Services Unofficial
2593/TCP,UDP RunUO—Ultima Online server Unofficial
2598/TCP new ICA—when Session Reliability is enabled, TCP port 2598 replaces port 1494 Unofficial
2612/TCP,UDP QPasa from MQSoftware Official
2700-2800/TCP KnowShowGo P2P Official
2710/TCP XBT Bittorrent Tracker Unofficial
2710/UDP XBT Bittorrent Tracker experimental UDP tracker extension Unofficial
2710/TCP Knuddels.de Unofficial
2735/TCP,UDP NetIQ Monitor Console Official
2809/TCP corbaloc:iiop URL, per the CORBA 3.0.3 specification Official
2809/TCP IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS) Bootstrap/rmi default Unofficial
2809/UDP corbaloc:iiop URL, per the CORBA 3.0.3 specification. Official
2944/UDP Megaco Text H.248 Unofficial
2945/UDP Megaco Binary (ASN.1) H.248 Unofficial
2948/TCP,UDP WAP-push Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) Official
2949/TCP,UDP WAP-pushsecure Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) Official
2967/TCP Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition Unofficial
3000/TCP Miralix License server Unofficial
3000/UDP Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS), modifiable default Unofficial
3001/TCP Miralix Phone Monitor Unofficial
3002/TCP Miralix CSTA Unofficial
3003/TCP Miralix GreenBox API Unofficial
3004/TCP Miralix InfoLink Unofficial
3006/TCP Miralix SMS Client Connector Unofficial
3007/TCP Miralix OM Server Unofficial
3025/TCP netpd.org Unofficial
3030/TCP,UDP NetPanzer Unofficial
3050/TCP,UDP gds_db (Interbase/Firebird) Official
3051/TCP AMS (Agency Management System) Unofficial
3074/TCP,UDP Xbox LIVE and/or Games for Windows - LIVE Official
3128/TCP HTTP used by Web caches and the default for the Squid cache Unofficial
3225/TCP,UDP FCIP (Fiber Channel over Internet Protocol) Official
3233/TCP,UDP WhiskerControl research control protocol Official
3260/TCP,UDP iSCSI target Official
3268/TCP,UDP msft-gc, Microsoft Global Catalog (LDAP service which contains data from Active Directory forests) Official
3269/TCP,UDP msft-gc-ssl, Microsoft Global Catalog over SSL (similar to port 3268, LDAP over SSL) Official
3283/TCP Apple Remote Desktop reporting (officially Net Assistant, referring to an earlier product) Official
3300/TCP TripleA game server Unofficial
3305/TCP,UDP odette-ftp, Odette File Transfer Protocol (OFTP) Official
3306/TCP,UDP MySQL database system Official
3333/TCP Network Caller ID server Unofficial
3386/TCP,UDP GTP' 3GPP GSM/UMTS CDR logging protocol Official
3389/TCP Microsoft Terminal Server (RDP) officially registered as Windows Based Terminal (WBT) Official
3396/TCP,UDP Novell NDPS Printer Agent Official
3455/TCP,UDP [RSVP] Reservation Protocol Official
3423/TCP Xware xTrm Communication Protocol Official
3424/TCP Xware xTrm Communication Protocol over SSL Official
3483/UDP Slim Devices discovery protocol Official
3483/TCP Slim Devices SlimProto protocol Official
3544/UDP Teredo tunneling Unofficial
3632/TCP distributed compiler Official
3689/TCP Digital Audio Access Protocol (DAAP)—used by Apple’s iTunes and AirPort Express Official
3690/TCP,UDP Subversion version control system Official
3702/TCP,UDP Web Services Dynamic Discovery (WS-Discovery), used by various components of Windows Vista Official
3723/TCP,UDP Used by many Battle.net Blizzard games (Diablo II, Warcraft II, Warcraft III, StarCraft) Unofficial
3724/TCP,UDP World of Warcraft Online gaming MMORPG Unofficial
3724/TCP Club Penguin Disney online game for kids Unofficial
3784/TCP,UDP Ventrilo VoIP program used by Ventrilo Unofficial
3785/UDP Ventrilo VoIP program used by Ventrilo Unofficial
3868/TCP,SCTP Diameter base protocol (RFC 3588) Official
3872/TCP Oracle Management Remote Agent Unofficial
3899/TCP Remote Administrator Unofficial
3900/TCP udt_os, IBM UniData UDT OS[29] Official
3945/TCP,UDP EMCADS service, a Giritech product used by G/On Official
3978/UDP OpenTTD game serverlist masterserver Unofficial
3979/TCP,UDP OpenTTD game Unofficial
4000/TCP,UDP Diablo II game Unofficial
4007/TCP PrintBuzzer printer monitoring socket server Unofficial
4018/TCP,UDP Unknown Official
4069/UDP Minger Email Address Verification Protocol[30] Official
4089/TCP,UDP OpenCORE Remote Control Service Official
4093/TCP,UDP PxPlus Client server interface ProvideX Official
4096/TCP,UDP Bridge-Relay Element ASCOM Official
4100 WatchGuard Authentication Applet—default Unofficial
4111/TCP Xgrid Official
4125/TCP Microsoft Remote Web Workplace administration Unofficial
4226/TCP,UDP Aleph One (game) Unofficial
4224/TCP Cisco CDP Cisco discovery Protocol Unofficial
4500/UDP IPSec NAT Traversal (RFC 3947) Official
4534/UDP Armagetron Advanced default server port Unofficial
4569/UDP Inter-Asterisk eXchange Unofficial
4610-4640/TCP QualiSystems TestShell Suite Services Unofficial
4662/TCP,UDP OrbitNet Message Service Official
4662/TCP often used by eMule Unofficial
4664/TCP Google Desktop Search Unofficial
4664/TCP Default for Unica's Campaign Listener, though often changed during installation Unofficial
4672/UDP eMule—often used Unofficial
4747/TCP Apprentice Unofficial
4750/TCP BladeLogic Agent Unofficial
4840/TCP,UDP OPC UA TCP Protocol for OPC Unified Architecture from OPC Foundation Official
4843/TCP,UDP OPC UA TCP Protocol over TLS/SSL for OPC Unified Architecture from OPC Foundation Official
4847/TCP,UDP Web Fresh Communication, Quadrion Software & Odorless Entertainment Official
4993/TCP,UDP Home FTP Server web Interface Default Port
4894/TCP,UDP LysKOM Protocol A Official
4899/TCP,UDP Radmin remote administration tool (program sometimes used by a Trojan horse) Official
5000/TCP commplex-main Official
5000/TCP UPnP—Windows network device interoperability Unofficial
5000/TCP,UDP VTunVPN Software Unofficial
5001/TCP commplex-link Official
5001/TCP,UDP Iperf (Tool for measuring TCP and UDP bandwidth performance) Unofficial
5001/TCP Slingbox and Slingplayer Unofficial
5003/TCP,UDP FileMaker Official
5004/TCP,UDP,DCCP RTP (Real-time Transport Protocol) media data (RFC 3551, RFC 4571) Official
5005/TCP,UDP,DCCP RTP (Real-time Transport Protocol) control protocol (RFC 3551, RFC 4571) Official
5031/TCP,UDP AVM CAPI-over-TCP (ISDN over Ethernet tunneling) Unofficial
5050/TCP Yahoo! Messenger Unofficial
5051/TCP ita-agent Symantec Intruder Alert[31] Official
5060/TCP,UDP Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Official
5061/TCP Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) over TLS Official
5093/UDP SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) License Administrator Unofficial
5104/TCP IBM Tivoli Framework NetCOOL/Impact[32] HTTP Service Unofficial
5106/TCP A-Talk Common connection Unofficial
5107/TCP A-Talk Remote server connection Unofficial
5110/TCP ProRat Server Unofficial
5121/TCP Neverwinter Nights Unofficial
5154/TCP,UDP Bzflag Official
5176/TCP ConsoleWorks default UI interface Unofficial
5190/TCP ICQ and AOL Instant Messenger Official
5222/TCP Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP, Jabber) client connection (RFC 3920) Official
5223/TCP Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP, Jabber) client connection over SSL Unofficial
5269/TCP Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP, Jabber) server connection (RFC 3920) Official
5298/TCP,UDP Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) link-local messaging Official
5351/TCP,UDP NAT Port Mapping Protocol—client-requested configuration for inbound connections through network address translators Official
5353/UDP Multicast DNS (MDNS) Official
5355/TCP,UDP LLMNR—Link-Local Multicast Name Resolution, allows hosts to perform name resolution for hosts on the same local link (only provided by Windows Vista and Server 2008) Official
5402/TCP,UDP mftp, Stratacache OmniCast content delivery system MFTP file sharing protocol Official
5405/TCP,UDP NetSupport Official
5421/TCP,UDP Net Support 2 Official
5432/TCP,UDP PostgreSQL database system Official
5445/UDP Cisco Unified Video Advantage Unofficial
5495/TCP Applix TM1 Admin server Unofficial
5498/TCP Hotline tracker server connection Unofficial
5499/UDP Hotline tracker server discovery Unofficial
5500/TCP VNC remote desktop protocol—for incoming listening viewer, Hotline control connection Unofficial
5501/TCP Hotline file transfer connection Unofficial
5517/TCP Setiqueue Proxy server client for SETI@Home project Unofficial
5555/TCP Freeciv versions up to 2.0, Hewlett Packard Data Protector, SAP Unofficial
5556/TCP,UDP Freeciv Official
5631/TCP pcANYWHEREdata, Symantec pcAnywhere (version 7.52 and later[33])[34] data Official
5632/UDP pcANYWHEREstat, Symantec pcAnywhere (version 7.52 and later) status Official
5666/TCP NRPE (Nagios) Unofficial
5667/TCP NSCA (Nagios) Unofficial
5723/TCP Operations Manager Unofficial
5800/TCP VNC remote desktop protocol—for use over HTTP Unofficial
5814/TCP,UDP Hewlett-Packard Support Automation (HP OpenView Self-Healing Services) Official
5850/TCP COMIT SE (PCR) Unofficial
5852/TCP Adeona client: communications to OpenDHT Unofficial
5900/TCP,UDP Virtual Network Computing (VNC) remote desktop protocol (used by Apple Remote Desktop and others) Official
5938/TCP,UDP TeamViewer[35] remote desktop protocol Unofficial
5984/TCP,UDP CouchDB database server Official
5999/TCP CVSup [36] file update tool Unknown
6000/TCP X11—used between an X client and server over the network Official
6001/UDP X11—used between an X client and server over the network Official
6005/TCP Default for BMC Software CONTROL-M/Server—Socket used for communication between CONTROL-M processes—though often changed during installation Official
6005/TCP Default for Camfrog Chat & Cam Client http://www.camfrog.com Unofficial
6050/TCP Brightstor Arcserve Backup Unofficial
6050/TCP Nortel Software Unofficial
6051/TCP Brightstor Arcserve Backup Unofficial
6072/TCP iOperator Protocol Signal Port Unofficial
6086/TCP PDTP—FTP like file server in a P2P network Official
6100/TCP Vizrt System Unofficial
6101/TCP Backup Exec Agent Browser Unofficial
6110/TCP,UDP softcm, HP Softbench CM Official
6111/TCP,UDP spc, HP Softbench Sub-Process Control Official
6112/TCP,UDP "dtspcd"—a network daemon that accepts requests from clients to execute commands and launch applications remotely Official
6112/TCP Blizzard's Battle.net gaming service, ArenaNet gaming service Unofficial
6112/TCP Club Penguin Disney online game for kids Unofficial
6113/TCP Club Penguin Disney online game for kids Unofficial
6129/TCP DameWare Remote Control Unofficial
6257/UDP WinMX (see also 6699) Unofficial
6346/TCP,UDP gnutella-svc, Gnutella (FrostWire, Limewire, Shareaza, etc.) Official
6347/TCP,UDP gnutella-rtr, Gnutella alternate Official
6389/TCP EMC Clarrion Unofficial
6444/TCP,UDP Sun Grid Engine—Qmaster Service Official
6445/TCP,UDP Sun Grid Engine—Execution Service Official
6502/TCP,UDP Danware Data NetOp Remote Control Unofficial
6522/TCP Gobby (and other libobby-based software) Unofficial
6543/UDP Paradigm Research & Development Jetnet[37] default Unofficial
6566/TCP SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy)—SANE network scanner daemon Unofficial
6571 Windows Live FolderShare client Unofficial
6600/TCP Music Playing Daemon (MPD) Unofficial
6619/TCP,UDP odette-ftps, Odette File Transfer Protocol (OFTP) over TLS/SSL Official
6646/UDP McAfee Network Agent Unofficial
6660–6664/TCP Internet Relay Chat Unofficial
6665–6669/TCP Internet Relay Chat Official
6679/TCP IRC SSL (Secure Internet Relay Chat)—often used Unofficial
6697/TCP IRC SSL (Secure Internet Relay Chat)—often used Unofficial
6699/TCP WinMX (see also 6257) Unofficial
6771/UDP Polycom server broadcast Unofficial
6789/TCP Datalogger Support Software Campbell Scientific Loggernet Software Unofficial
6881–6887/TCP,UDP BitTorrent part of full range of ports used most often Unofficial
6888/TCP,UDP MUSE Official
6888/TCP,UDP BitTorrent part of full range of ports used most often Unofficial
6889–6890/TCP,UDP BitTorrent part of full range of ports used most often Unofficial
6891–6900/TCP,UDP BitTorrent part of full range of ports used most often Unofficial
6891–6900/TCP,UDP Windows Live Messenger (File transfer) Unofficial
6901/TCP,UDP Windows Live Messenger (Voice) Unofficial
6901/TCP,UDP BitTorrent part of full range of ports used most often Unofficial
6902–6968/TCP,UDP BitTorrent part of full range of ports used most often Unofficial
6969/TCP,UDP acmsoda Official
6969/TCP BitTorrent tracker Unofficial
6970–6999/TCP,UDP BitTorrent part of full range of ports used most often Unofficial
7000/TCP Default for Vuze's built in HTTPS Bittorrent Tracker Unofficial
7001/TCP Default for BEA WebLogic Server's HTTP server, though often changed during installation Unofficial
7002/TCP Default for BEA WebLogic Server's HTTPS server, though often changed during installation Unofficial
7005/TCP Default for BMC Software CONTROL-M/Server and CONTROL-M/Agent for Agent-to-Server, though often changed during installation Official
7006/TCP Default for BMC Software CONTROL-M/Server and CONTROL-M/Agent for Server-to-Agent, though often changed during installation Official
7010/TCP Default for Cisco AON AMC (AON Management Console) [2] Unofficial
7025/TCP Zimbra LMTP [mailbox]—local mail delivery Unofficial
7047/TCP Zimbra conversion server Unofficial
7133/TCP Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Unofficial
7171/TCP Tibia Unofficial
7306/TCP Zimbra mysql [mailbox] Unofficial
7307/TCP Zimbra mysql [logger] Unofficial
7312/UDP Sibelius License Server Unofficial
7400/TCP,UDP RTPS (Real Time Publish Subscribe) DDS Discovery Official
7401/TCP,UDP RTPS (Real Time Publish Subscribe) DDS User-Traffic Official
7402/TCP,UDP RTPS (Real Time Publish Subscribe) DDS Meta-Traffic Official
7670/TCP BrettspielWelt BSW Boardgame Portal Unofficial
7777/TCP iChat server file transfer proxy Unofficial
7777/TCP Default used by Windows backdoor program tini.exe Unofficial
7831/TCP Default used by Smartlaunch Internet Cafe Administration[38] software Unofficial
7915/TCP Default for YSFlight server [3] Unofficial
8000/TCP,UDP iRDMI (Intel Remote Desktop Management Interface)[39]—sometimes erroneously used instead of port 8080 Official
8000-8001/TCP Commonly used for internet radio streams such as those using SHOUTcast Unofficial
8002/TCP Cisco Systems Unified Call Manager Intercluster Unofficial
8008/TCP HTTP Alternate Official
8008/TCP IBM HTTP Server administration default Unofficial
8010/TCP XMPP/Jabber File transfers Unofficial
8074/TCP Gadu-Gadu Unofficial
8080/TCP HTTP alternate (http_alt)—commonly used for Web proxy and caching server, or for running a Web server as a non-root user Official
8080/TCP Apache Tomcat Unofficial
8080/UDP FilePhile Master/Relay Unofficial
8081/TCP HTTP alternate, e.g. McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) Unofficial
8086/TCP HELM Web Host Automation Windows Control Panel Unofficial
8086/TCP Kaspersky AV Control Center Unofficial
8087/TCP Hosting Accelerator Control Panel Unofficial
8087/UDP Kaspersky AV Control Center Unofficial
8087/TCP Parallels Plesk Control Panel Unofficial
8090/TCP HTTP Alternate (http_alt_alt)—used as an alternative to port 8080 Unofficial
8116/UDP Check Point Cluster Control Protocol Unofficial
8118/TCP Privoxy—advertisement-filtering Web proxy Official
8123/TCP Polipo Web proxy Official
8192/TCP Sophos Remote Management System Unofficial
8193/TCP Sophos Remote Management System Unofficial
8194/TCP Sophos Remote Management System Unofficial
8200/TCP GoToMyPC Unofficial
8220/TCP Bloomberg Unofficial
8222 VMware Server Management User Interface (insecure Web interface)[40]. See also port 8333 Unofficial
8243/TCP,UDP HTTPS listener for Apache Synapse [41] Official
8280/TCP,UDP HTTP listener for Apache Synapse [41] Official
8291/TCP Winbox—Default on a MikroTik RouterOS for a Windows application used to administer MikroTik RouterOS Unofficial
8294/TCP Bloomberg Unofficial
8333 VMware Server Management User Interface (secure Web interface)[40]. See also port 8222 Unofficial
8400/TCP,UDP cvp, Commvault Unified Data Management Official
8443/TCP SW Soft Plesk Control Panel Unofficial
8484/TCP,UDP MapleStory Unofficial
8500/TCP,IPX ColdFusion Macromedia/Adobe ColdFusion default and Duke Nukem 3D—default Unofficial
8501/TCP [4] DukesterX —default Unofficial
8701/UDP SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager Unofficial
8702/UDP SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager Unofficial
8767/UDP TeamSpeak—default Unofficial
8880/UDP cddbp-alt, CD DataBase (CDDB) protocol (CDDBP) alternate Official
8880/TCP cddbp-alt, CD DataBase (CDDB) protocol (CDDBP) alternate Official
8880/TCP WebSphere Application Server SOAP connector default Unofficial
8881/TCP Atlasz Informatics Research Ltd Secure Application Server Unofficial
8882/TCP Atlasz Informatics Research Ltd Secure Application Server Unofficial
8888/TCP,UDP NewsEDGE server Official
8888/TCP Sun Answerbook dwhttpd server (deprecated by docs.sun.com) Unofficial
8888/TCP GNUmp3d HTTP music streaming and Web interface Unofficial
8888/TCP LoLo Catcher HTTP Web interface (www.optiform.com) Unofficial
8888/TCP D2GS Admin Console Telnet administration console for D2GS servers (Diablo 2) Unofficial
9000/TCP Buffalo LinkSystem Web access Unofficial
9000/TCP DBGp Unofficial
9000/TCP SqueezeCenter web server & streaming Unofficial
9000/UDP UDPCast Unofficial
9001 cisco-xremote router configuration Unofficial
9001 Tor network default Unofficial
9001/TCP DBGp Proxy Unofficial
9009/TCP,UDP Pichat Server—Peer to peer chat software Official
9030/TCP Tor often used Unofficial
9043/TCP WebSphere Application Server Administration Console secure Unofficial
9050/TCP Tor Unofficial
9051/TCP Tor Unofficial
9060/TCP WebSphere Application Server Administration Console Unofficial
9080/UDP glrpc, Groove Collaboration software GLRPC Official
9080/TCP glrpc, Groove Collaboration software GLRPC Official
9080/TCP WebSphere Application Server HTTP Transport (port 1) default Unofficial
9090/TCP Openfire Administration Console Unofficial
9090/TCP SqueezeCenter control (CLI) Unofficial
9091/TCP Openfire Administration Console (SSL Secured) Unofficial
9100/TCP PDL Data Stream Official
9101 Bacula Director Official
9102 Bacula File Daemon Official
9103 Bacula Storage Daemon Official
9110/UDP SSMP Message protocol Unofficial
9119/TCP,UDP MXit Instant Messenger Official
9300/TCP IBM Cognos 8 SOAP Business Intelligence and Performance Management Unofficial
9418/TCP,UDP git, Git pack transfer service Official
9443/TCP WSO2 Web Services Application Server HTTPS transport (officially WSO2 Tungsten HTTPS Official
9443/TCP WebSphere Application Server HTTP Transport (port 2) default Unofficial
9535/TCP mngsuite, LANDesk Management Suite Remote Control Official
9535/TCP BBOS001, IBM Websphere Application Server (WAS) High Avail Mgr Com Unofficial
9535/UDP mngsuite, LANDesk Management Suite Remote Control Official
9800/TCP,UDP WebDAV Source Official
9800 WebCT e-learning portal Unofficial
9875/TCP Club Penguin Disney online game for kids Unofficial
9898/TCP,UDP MonkeyCom Official
9898/TCP Tripwire - File Integrity Monitoring Software Unofficial
9999 Hydranode—edonkey2000 TELNET control Unofficial
9999/TCP Lantronix UDS-10/UDS100[42] RS-485 to Ethernet Converter TELNET control Unofficial
9999 Urchin Web Analytics Unofficial
10000 Webmin—Web-based Linux admin tool Unofficial
10000 BackupExec Unofficial
10000 Ericsson Account Manager (avim) Unofficial
10001/TCP Lantronix UDS-10/UDS100[43] RS-485 to Ethernet Converter default Unofficial
10008/TCP,UDP Octopus Multiplexer, primary port for the CROMP protocol, which provides a platform-independent means for communication of objects across a network Official
10017 AIX,NeXT, HPUX—rexd daemon control Unofficial
10024/TCP Zimbra smtp [mta]—to amavis from postfix Unofficial
10025/TCP Ximbra smtp [mta]—back to postfix from amavis Unofficial
10050/TCP,UDP Zabbix-Agent Official
10051/TCP,UDP Zabbix-Trapper Official
10113/TCP,UDP NetIQ Endpoint Official
10114/TCP,UDP NetIQ Qcheck Official
10115/TCP,UDP NetIQEndpoint Official
10116/TCP,UDP NetIQ VoIP Assessor Official
10200/TCP FRISK Software International's fpscand virus scanning daemon for Unix platforms [5] Unofficial
10200–10204/TCP FRISK Software International's f-protd virus scanning daemon for Unix platforms [6] Unofficial
10308 Lock-on: Modern Air Combat Unofficial
10480 SWAT 4 Dedicated Server Unofficial
11211 memcached Unofficial
11235 Savage:Battle for Newerth Server Hosting Unofficial
11294 Blood Quest Online Server Unofficial
11371 OpenPGP HTTP key server Official
11576 IPStor Server management communication Unofficial
12012/TCP,UDP Audition Online Dance Battle, Korea Server - Status/Version Check Unofficial
12013/TCP,UDP Audition Online Dance Battle, Korea Server Unofficial
12035/UDP Linden Lab viewer to sim Unofficial
12345 NetBus—remote administration tool (often Trojan horse). Also used by NetBuster. Little Fighter 2 (TCP). Unofficial
12975/TCP LogMeIn Hamachi (VPN tunnel software; also port 32976)—used to connect to Mediation Server (bibi.hamachi.cc); will attempt to use SSL (TCP port 443) if both 12975 & 32976 fail to connect Unofficial
12998-12999/UDP Takenaka RDI Mirror World on SL Unofficial
13000–13050/UDP Linden Lab viewer to sim Unofficial
13076/TCP Default for BMC Software CONTROL-M/Enterprise Manager Corba communication, though often changed during installation Official
13720/TCP,UDP Symantec NetBackup—bprd (formerly VERITAS) Official
13721/TCP,UDP Symantec NetBackup—bpdbm (formerly VERITAS) Official
13724/TCP,UDP Symantec Network Utility—vnetd (formerly VERITAS) Official
13782/TCP,UDP Symantec NetBackup—bpcd (formerly VERITAS) Official
13783/TCP,UDP Symantec VOPIED protocol (formerly VERITAS) Official
13785/TCP,UDP Symantec NetBackup Database—nbdb (formerly VERITAS) Official
13786/TCP,UDP Symantec nomdb (formerly VERITAS) Official
14552/TCP Lasso (programming language) application service Unofficial
14567/UDP Battlefield 1942 and mods Unofficial
15000/TCP psyBNC Unofficial
15000/TCP Wesnoth Unofficial
15000/TCP Kaspersky Network Agent Unofficial
15000/TCP hydap, Hypack Hydrographic Software Packages Data Acquisition Official
15000/UDP hydap, Hypack Hydrographic Software Packages Data Acquisition Official
15567/UDP Battlefield Vietnam and mods Unofficial
15345/TCP,UDP XPilot Contact Official
16000/TCP shroudBNC Unofficial
16080/TCP Mac OS X Server Web (HTTP) service with performance cache[44] Unofficial
16384/UDP Iron Mountain Digital online backup Unofficial
16567/UDP Battlefield 2 and mods Unofficial
18180/TCP DART Reporting server Unofficial
18200/TCP,UDP Audition Online Dance Battle, AsiaSoft Thailand Server - Status/Version Check Unofficial
18201/TCP,UDP Audition Online Dance Battle, AsiaSoft Thailand Server Unofficial
18206/TCP,UDP Audition Online Dance Battle, AsiaSoft Thailand Server - FAM Database Unofficial
18300/TCP,UDP Audition Online Dance Battle, AsiaSoft SEA Server - Status/Version Check Unofficial
18301/TCP,UDP Audition Online Dance Battle, AsiaSoft SEA Server Unofficial
18306/TCP,UDP Audition Online Dance Battle, AsiaSoft SEA Server - FAM Database Unofficial
18400/TCP,UDP Audition Online Dance Battle, KAIZEN Brazil Server - Status/Version Check Unofficial
18401/TCP,UDP Audition Online Dance Battle, KAIZEN Brazil Server Unofficial
18505/TCP,UDP Audition Online Dance Battle, Nexon Server - Status/Version Check Unofficial
18506/TCP,UDP Audition Online Dance Battle, Nexon Server Unofficial
18605/TCP,UDP X-BEAT - Status/Version Check
18606/TCP,UDP X-BEAT Unofficial
19000/TCP,UDP Audition Online Dance Battle, G10/alaplaya Server - Status/Version Check Unofficial
19001/TCP,UDP Audition Online Dance Battle, G10/alaplaya Server Unofficial
19226/TCP Panda Software AdminSecure Communication Agent Unofficial
19638/TCP Ensim Control Panel Unofficial
19771/TCP,UDP Softros LAN Messenger Unofficial
19813/TCP 4D database Client Server Communication Unofficial
19880/TCP Softros LAN Messenger Unofficial
20000 DNP (Distributed Network Protocol), a protocol used in SCADA systems between communicating RTU's and IED's Official
20000 Usermin, Web-based user tool Unofficial
20014/TCP DART Reporting server Unofficial
20720/TCP Symantec i3 Web GUI server Unofficial
22347/TCP,UDP WibuKey, WIBU-SYSTEMS AG Software protection system Official
22350/TCP,UDP CodeMeter, WIBU-SYSTEMS AG Software protection system Official
23073 Soldat Dedicated Server Unofficial
23513 [7] Duke Nukem Ports Unofficial
24444 NetBeans integrated development environment Unofficial
24465/TCP,UDP Tonido Directory Server for Tonido which is a Personal Web app and peer-to-peer platform Official
24554/TCP,UDP BINKP, Fidonet mail transfers over TCP/IP Official
24800 Synergy: keyboard/mouse sharing software Unofficial
24842 StepMania: Online: Dance Dance Revolution Simulator Unofficial
25999/TCP Xfire Unofficial
26000/TCP,UDP id Software's Quake server Official
26000/TCP CCP's EVE Online Online gaming MMORPG Unofficial
26900/TCP CCP's EVE Online Online gaming MMORPG Unofficial
26901/TCP CCP's EVE Online Online gaming MMORPG Unofficial
27000/UDP (through 27006) id Software's QuakeWorld master server Unofficial
27010 Half-Life and its mods, such as Counter-Strike Unofficial
27015 Half-Life and its mods, such as Counter-Strike Unofficial
27374 Sub7 default. Most script kiddies do not change from this. Unofficial
27500/UDP (through 27900) id Software's QuakeWorld Unofficial
27888/UDP Kaillera server Unofficial
27900 (through 27901) Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Unofficial
27901/UDP (through 27910) id Software's Quake II master server Unofficial
27960/UDP (through 27969) Activision's Enemy Territory and id Software's Quake III Arena and Quake III and some ioquake3 derived games Unofficial
28001 Starsiege: Tribes Common/default Tribes v.1 Server Unofficial
28395/TCP www.SmartSystemsLLC.com Used by Smart Sale® 5.0 Unofficial
28910 Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Unofficial
28960 Call of Duty 2 Common Call of Duty 2 (PC Version) Unofficial
28961 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Common Call of Duty 4 (PC Version) Unofficial
29900 (through 29901) Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Unofficial
29920 Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Unofficial
30000 Pokemon Netbattle Unofficial
30301 BitTorrent Unofficial
30564/TCP Multiplicity: keyboard/mouse/clipboard sharing software Unofficial
31337/TCP Back Orifice—remote administration tool (often Trojan horse) Unofficial
31415 ThoughtSignal—Server Communication Service (often Informational) Unofficial
31456/TCP TetriNET IRC gateway on some servers Unofficial
31457/TCP TetriNET Official
31458/TCP TetriNET Used for game spectators Unofficial
32245/TCP MMTSG-mutualed over MMT (encrypted transmission) Unofficial
32976/TCP LogMeIn Hamachi (VPN tunnel software; also port 12975)—used to connect to Mediation Server (bibi.hamachi.cc); will attempt to use SSL (TCP port 443) if both 12975 & 32976 fail to connect Unofficial
33434/TCP,UDP traceroute Official
34443 Linksys PSUS4 print server Unofficial
37777/TCP Digital Video Recorder hardware Unofficial
36963 Counter Strike 2D multiplayer (2D clone of popular CounterStrike computer game) Unofficial
40000/TCP,UDP SafetyNET p Real-time Industrial Ethernet protocol Official
43594–43595/TCP RuneScape Unofficial
47808/TCP,UDP BACnet Building Automation and Control Networks Official
49151/TCP,UDP Reserved[1] Official